Stratlock Rail System

The Stratlock Rail System offers a truly flexible extrusion system designed for efficient and accurate framework construction, with one extrusion for both vertical and horizontal framing onto walls and ceilings. The SL-RLE is a modern, modular aluminium profile for support of decorative panels in medium stress applications.

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SL-RCF90 Stratlock 90º rail connector

Fixed 90 degree connector for Stratlock rails

SL-RCA180 Wall to wall adjustable corner connector for Stratlock rail

Adjustable wall to wall connector for Stratlock rail end

SL-RCAB180 Wall to ceiling adjustable connector for Stratlock rail

Wall to ceiling adjustable connector for Stratlock rail

SL-RLE Stratlock Rail Extrusion

Available in 3m lengths, can be cut and assembled in grid format using appropriate Stratlock connectors. One profile for horizontal and vertical framing. Aluminium grade 6063 T5. Compatible with connectors SL-RCF90, SL-RCA180 and SL-RCAB180, and Stratlock Range clips SL-FA and SL-FB. Weight per metre 405 grams. Overall width 58mm, overall depth 22.3mm