Two floors plus a large common area in a tertiary institution with high foot traffic required a concealed panel mounting solution for removable ceiling panels. The panels had to be secure and enable easy access for maintenance and inspection of air conditioning, plumbing and electrical.

The Fastmount standard profile range was the answer, using PC-SF1 surface mount females riveted to the Rondo framework and PC-SM2 males glued to the back of the Decortech panels. All the panels - black, yellow and green were mounted using the Fastmount Panel Mounting System.

In this case the installer chose to spray paint the PC-SF1 female clips and Rondo framework black to eliminate the clips and framework being visible through the panels acoustic perforations.

In most areas, the Fastmount Surface Mount Female clips (PC-SF1) were simply riveted to the Rondo frames.

Fastmount clips were fastened to both the timber framework and the Rondo metal framework.