Architectural Sector

Fastmount® is used in a wide range of architectural projects, and enables superior panel mounting solutions in the interior construction process.

Modern panel building techniques combined with the Fastmount clip systems allow for faster build methods. This ensures a reduction in both time and money, with an improvement in the final finish.


  • Perfect finish and alignment of interior panels
  • Secure, hidden and removable fixings
  • Suited to CNC machining of panels & substrates
  • Panels can be installed after other trades, and removed easily for servicing (lighting, electronic fittings)
  • Reduced installation time onsite
  • Wide range of versatile clips designed to suit a range of install preferences and/or applications


  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Prefinished wall and ceiling panels - decorative or functional
  • Complex or curved panels; headboards
  • Acoustic panels
  • Hotel and shop fitouts e.g. enclosures for entertainment systems, built in upholstered seating
  • Facility maintenance for institutions, hospitals, civil buildings, retail outlets, eateries and hotels
  • Art installations and concept projects

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Fastmount™ system is patent pending and EU design registered.

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