The Fastmount® System

Fastmount® Ltd is an innovative hidden panel mounting system which provides a superior panel finish with perfect alignment. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Fastmount clips are precision moulded using engineering grade plastic.

The system allows panels to be easily removed and refitted to exactly the same location time after time.

Key Benefits

  • Consistently superior panel finish
  • Ability for multiple removals
  • One system for multiple panel types
  • Allows for panel flex and movement
  • Precise positioning
  • Secure mounting in all conditions
  • Non-sequential system
  • Reduces cost and time

The Product Range

Fastmount has four clip ranges:

The clips in the Standard and Low Profile ranges are interchangeable and can work together. Installation and removal tools are supplied for consistent installation and quality performance. Kits for onboard maintenance and product support are also available.


  • Production and custom yachts and motor yachts; new builds and refits
  • Manufacture and refurbishment of recreational vehicles
  • Commercial and residential construction; furniture and art installations
  • Aviation interior fit out
  • Painted and covered panels
  • Applications limited only by your imagination and common sense
  • Internal and external surfaces

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Fastmount system is patent pending and EU design registered.

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