General technical information about Fastmount systems.

Technical Notes

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Pullout loads

The pullout load will vary depending on the clip type and are speci ed on each product sheet. They are generally a minimum 5kg for typical standard range clips and 10kg for heavy duty clips.

The shock load is less and can be as low as 2kg, depending on the type of shock load. Clips never load simultaneously on a panel, so if a panel has 10 clips it does not mean the force required to remove the panel (or the force the panel will take) is 10x5kg.

Clip spacing and panel loads

Panels need to be supported evenly around the perimeter to eliminate sagging. The clip spacing requirements will vary depending on the application.

Although many of the Fastmount clip sets will hold more than your theoretical panel load, the reality of unknown conditions means panels and clips could be subjected to shock loads (g-forces) from huge seas, high winds (exterior panels) or seismic shocks. From our experience it is best to follow our guidelines.

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Fastmount with different materials

You can mount Fastmount clips into or onto most panel products such as plywood, MDF, plastic, berglass, HPL, sandwich panels and composite panels such as Alucobond. It is not recommended to use very heavy materials such as granite and heavy bre cement board. The LP-DF8 coarse thread female clip is designed to work with drywall plasterboard.

Please refer to the TD Clip Selection Guide for the substrate and product matrix.

Drill setting and self tapping clips

The clutch setting on battery drills when fitting clips varies from drill to drill. It will depend on the battery charge condition and on the material you are screwing into.

Once 2 or 3 test clips have been tted, you will have a good feel for a setting that screws the clips home, but does not over tighten them. If the clips are breaking, the drill setting is too powerful. NB Some hard veneers and hard materials require a small countersink to the entrance of the hole to allow the clip thread to tap into the material. Contact us for advice

Adhesives for surface mount clips

The patent pending super-groove design means the Fastmount surface mount clips use a mechanical engagement to secure the clip, so adhesive selection is mostly dependent on panel material.

We recommend two-part epoxies that are suitable for panel materials. A typical two-part epoxy will hold the clip at over three times the clipping load (30-40kg per clip).

Quality installation

To ensure consistent and quality installation Fastmount supplies tools where required. Installation guides and videos are available for each range on