The Fastmount® Ltd story is one of innovation and persistence, which began with director Gregg Kelly, a boat builder who was running a panel upholstery and installation company in Auckland, New Zealand.

Whilst Gregg was working on the interior fit outs of super yachts, he realised that there was a requirement in the industry for a new panel mounting system to solve the problems often found using hook and loop fastening.

At the time, removable panels that were mounted in the interiors of yachts faced a number of problems, such as the inability to be precisely or securely positioned, panels sagging or falling down and the time required to install them.

Gregg saw this as an opportunity to develop a solution, so collaborated with designer and engineer Ron Hanley to design the Fastmount Panel Mounting System.

With more than 500 boatyards in over 40 countries using the Fastmount Panel Mounting System, its exceptional performance in the marine sector has since attracted companies in the architectural, recreational vehicle and aviation industries.

Thirteen years on, Fastmount is run by directors Gregg and Maggie Kelly out of Muriwai Beach on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Gregg’s extensive experience in the marine industry combined with Maggie’s comprehensive understanding of the architectural and interior design sectors ensures that Fastmount is on the cutting edge of what is needed in the market.

Working closely with Gregg and Maggie is Lisa O’Brien, the Operations Manager, who acts as the engine room of the Fastmount business. Her strong accounting background and administration expertise ensures the smooth running of the business, management of orders, invoicing and general enquiries.

Supporting the Head Office is an expansive team of agents, contractors and subcontractors that have contributed to the success of the company.

The global network of distributors servicing the marine, architectural and other sectors ensure easy accessibility to the Fastmount system worldwide.

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Fastmount has been a proud sponsor of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust for 10 years. The Rescue Trust supports the greater Auckland and Coromandel communities in the North Island of New Zealand, providing emergency medical or search and rescue support 24/7 for more than 1.4 million people. Being based on the West Coast of Auckland, the Fastmount team experiences first-hand the importance of this service to the community.