Heyday Inboards, based in Tennessee, U.S.A specializes in designing and building simple, affordable and easy to maintain inboard wake boats.

The WT-1 boats, which are less than 20 feet in length and 8 feet wide were launched in early 2016 and were designed with one thing in mind: “relentless simplicity”.

During the design process of the interior of the WT-1, the Heyday team had two key requirements: ease of assembly in the factory, and ease of use for the end buyer. The team worked with Fastmount’s marine distributor in the U.S., Spradling Marine to find a solution.

The WT-1 and (unreleased) WT-2 boats featured the use of the PC-VM1 and PC-F1A from the Standard Range to attach upholstery to the boats, which can seat up to nine people. Fastmount’s PC-VM1 has long been a favoured clip for attaching hard-backed upholstery to boat exteriors due to its variable clipping depth and high shear strength.

“The Fastmount products have allowed us to re-think how we apply our upholstery and service upholstery. It fits perfectly into our mission of relentlessly simplifying the inboard market. – Ben Dorton, President Heyday Inboards.

The use of Fastmount simplified the installation of the upholstery in the factory, as well as making field-work and warranty simple. Its durability ensures that the end user can comfortably remove the upholstery for cleaning and replace to the same position time after time.