Specialising in high-end fishing and custom launches, Dickey Boats now uses Fastmount panel mounting systems throughout their yachts.

Dickey Boat’s Custom 950 was the first model designed to use the Fastmount clip system. The success of the system now sees the company currently using the Standard Range PC-RF1, PC-F1A and PC-M1B on all models from the Custom 750 through to the LRC58.

Fastmount clips are used on liner panels of aerated PVC and also Italian poplar ply panels. These panels are then mounted onto predominantly aluminium substrates which have been designed to take the panel clips.

“2014 4 Gold Star Award and 2015 3 Gold star Award winning Dickey Boats will be launching their new model SF45 and LRC58 which both have been designed around the Fastmount system.” Jason Dickey – Dickey Boats